M6 is a producer based out of Richmond, Virginia. His interest in
electronic music dates back to 1995 and he began producing in 1998. He
saw his first release in 2008
on Si Begg’s Noodles Recordings label and his remix of the track “16
Lover” was featured on “Jetlag and Tinnitus reworks 5.” His first
release on Badman Press was a remix of
DZ’s “Shake that Ass” that was released as a free EP, followed by the
final track on the massive 37-track compilation “Various Badman II.”
M6 follow up release in 2011 on Thrill’s Sub Philo label was a remix
of “Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror – Bang Your Head On This”. In 2012 M6
was the first artist to be added to the Bassbin Records roster and
began work with Bassbin Twins on his forthcoming releases. M6’s first
release on Bassbin Records was the “Racked Cans EP”which featured a
remix by Bassbin Twins. Juno Records had this to say about the EP …

“It’s a common misconception that M6 is named after the UK’s most
hellish motorway. Well he’s not. Born and bred in Virginia, US of A,
we don’t think he’s even been on the motorway. And good for him;
avoiding traffic jams has given him time to create two fantastically
deep slices of dubstep here. The title track of this three-track EP is
a real sonic storm trooper with all manner of hoover stabs and
militant rhythm. “Punchout” takes things down a notch with a blissful
intro that doesn’t sound dissimilar to early Art Of Noise material.
Not to linger in the depths for too long, the beautiful ambience is
superbly balanced by some true US bass grit. Label boss Bassbin Twins
finishes the package with rub of M6’s earlier work “The New Style”; a
stuttering, slurring sub-low beast, this release is worth checking for
this final inclusion alone.”

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