I (MBossy) am a 21 year old versatile Producer/Vocal artist from Birmingham. Co-Founder of Da’Circle [including. SNY, Rynsa Man, MRA & Kardo] and a member of the 1418 movement [Sony S-15 & Screama SimplexXx]

The First time i made a beat was on Fruity Loops. While i was in year 9 at school. In 2004/5 I began making beats as originally and unique as i could to develop my own kind of sound. As that sound developed it took the name of ZengTeng, heavily influenced off the infamous “Sleng Teng Riddem” dancehall track [lol]. Now as a brand, i renamed this “ZXTX”, the unique creation and reflection of me.

The music i make comes from my thoughts, experiences, vivid imagination and expression of my slightly darker side, which i believe, helps me make this kind of sound. I have a love for many genres which i feel is essential for versatility, especially in the current time.

My main influences production wise come from all genres. Mainly the Westcoast California [G-Funk, Siccmade Muzicc etc.] to Sublow dubstep [Digital Mystikz, Benga, Hindzy D etc.]

My aim is to supply the big system rumblers and get people to feel as good & lively as possible.

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