The Wevaman has been involved in music since the age of 15. He first began mc’ing and hosting sets, then went on to dj’ing and producing and went by the alias’s sneaky/sk-otick, with a group of childhood friends that went by the name Section 3.

Section 3 became well known in the small town of northampton for there love of music, travelling accross the uk to find the hardest vinyl’s around at that time, playing them out in northampton they brought a big bang to the grime and dubstep scene.

8 years on and The Wevaman has made a name for himself in the dubstep community, representing ArdDrive, which consists of 3 producers/dj’s Wevaman, Jam Prd & Markzman and 3 mc’s Nincy, Overdose & D-warf. With full backing support from the likes of The Monsters, Richie dubfella, Dj Enme, Hindzy.D, Benzmixer, Conscious Pilot, Mortal grey, Legacy and many more, the wevaman has started to leave his mark slowy but surely with the rest of the ArdDrive collective.

Release’s include The External Ep & The Forecast Ep volume 1 which can be found on digital stores online.

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