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January 11th, 2014

DubInjekterz HAPPY NEW YEAR!

First off from the last time we connected, DubInjektion featured in Copenhagen, which went down very well BIG Up the Dubkultur.

Apologies for the late blog for this month as there was a BIG illness present preventing us from updating you and so forth. We have began the year on a slow start where we promise that as the year goes on we will provide…

The DubInjektion plan this year is to keep you up to date with what is going on with us and to keep you happy with good released products as well as free downloads at you pleasure. Also to complete the tasks below and more…

Check out the previous Breakfast with Bass Ft Hindzy-D WEEKLY Radio shows Sub Fm right Here:

Preview listen to the Hindzy-D OUTTA CHARACTER Album snip-lets here and do look out for some free giveaways.

Projects to look out for from the DubInjektion stables:
*New Website Layout
*Hindzy.D’s OUTTA CHARACTER album
*Dubinjektion Album (TBC)
*More releases from the DubInjektion family (Ongoing Projects)

To book DubInjektion to SUB down your club night, dance, party etc why not contact us @ hindzyd@gmail.com or through any other social network you can find DubInjektion at.

If you would like to Advertise anything through the Dubinjektion website please feel free to contact us through the same email given above.

Thank you & DubBless!

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