July 2013 DubInjekterz News

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July 12th, 2013

Greetings DubInjekterz, We hope you are ALL good around the world!

Apologies for the site being down for these few weeks due to it being HACKED! 🙁 But all seems to be going well so far so those that have been getting Dead pages when navigating apologies! We are now working tolwards a new site layout so do keep it Injekted for that!.

Proud to annouce Back 2 Da Future Part 7 Ep will be out on Sunday 15th August 2013 and available through all good Downloadable Music store Websites. The Back 2 Da Future Ep’s parts 1-6 are still available through the DubInjektion website along with part 6 being a FREE DOWNLOAD.check the DubInjektion Soundcloud at

Tuesday mornings DON’T FORGET from 8-10am Hindzy.D on Sub Fm giving you diverse basscuts along with some old skool reminissing sounds to warm your day. If you would like for your productions to be included in the show please send your tracks to hindzyd@hotmail.com.

On Tuesday 6th August 2013 look out for Hindzy.D featuring on the GetDarker Tv show! Shouts to the GetDarker crew.

Thank you all so much for your support we all appreciate it!

Up and Coming projects from us this year at DUBINJEKTION:

*New Website Layout
*Hindzy.D’s OUTTA CHARACTER album (Out This year)
*Dubinjektion special mix cd (Available in August)
*Dubinjektion T-shirts (TBC)
*Dubinjektion Album (TBC)
*More releases from the DubInjektion family (Ongoing Projects)

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