May 2013 DubInjekterz News

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May 2nd, 2013

Happy monthly greetings DubInjekterz, We at DubInjektion hope you are all doing productivly well!

We have now come into the May month and regret to say things have been a little bit slow as we are still concentrating on the promised projects from previous months. However, we WILL get there all in good time as we cannot afford to rush work that we want to be high in quality for you out there to listen to.

The Back 2 Da Future Part 6 Ep produced by HINDZY.D is still up and FREE to DOWNLOAD. Do not miss out on this xclusive FREE release.

Shouts to all the Dj’s and listeners representing this free release.


Later this month we will be releasing PROMOS for the Back 2 Da Future Part 7 Remixed Ep. The parts were given out to many producers to have a go, we still await to hear back what they have come up with so do keep your ears peeled for the Back 2 Da Future Part 7 Ep release coming soon.

From January – April 2013 Hindzy.D had a show on Filth Fm each and every Monday 10pm-12am Gmt. However, there was an political outburst with the staff at the station leading majority of them plus Dj’s to leave therefore he did the same and will no longer be hosting his show on that station. He was supposed to start a fresh show with a new station called Fokus Fm however, he feels a more established radio station would be more bennificial for him. So look out for a new show from him soon! There will be weekly Podcast shows he will still be doing and uploading to the world to keep you up to date with that DubInjekt flavour.

Up and Coming projects from us this year at DUBINJEKTION:

*Hindzy.D’s OUTTA CHARACTER album
*Dubinjektion special mix cd
*Dubinjektion T-shirts
*Dubinjektion Album
*More releases from the DubInjektion family

Thank you all so much for your support we all appreciate it!

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