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January 27th, 2012

Finally the website is here!  I am pleased to say that myself, Hindzy D, and the Dub Injektion label now have a home online. It is about time too, I have lost count of the number of times someone has asked me for my website address and i have shyly replied “I don’t have a website”. Perhaps the hardest part of creating the website was loading all the Sting Recordings back catalogue stuff on, but I know it is well worth it because I get enquiries for some of those old tracks on a weekly basis.

Check out the free downloads section for mixes, and make sure you hit the shop for a t-shirt and album/new release downloads. You can also sign up to hear more news from the label in the box on the sidebar. I hope you enjoy looking around and listening to the beats.

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  • Zoran - April 23, 2012 at 3:10 am - Reply

    Do you have paypal. I would like to dtonae some cash to keep your site going. I had been searching for this tape since 1995. The first date me and my wife went on we spent listening to this tape in my crappy little apartment in east hollywood till 5am. We were both broke and in school at the time. It was a fond memory listening to this talking and eating chinese food. It was the night we had our first kiss. The rest is history. Thank you so much.

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